I Found The Best Plumbing Service!


It’s true that a plumber isn’t something you think about until you need one. So when you finally do, why not go with the absolute best in Melbourne plumbing? Fully licensed, bonded and insured, Snowman Plumbing strives to deliver the best service, provided in a swift, no-nonsense manner by fully trained and professional technicians. Clogged pipes, overflows and septic system maintenance are some of the emergency services we readily offer around the clock.

But what about when it’s not an emergency? What if you’re planning ahead? Not to worry – we’ve got you covered there, too! When you’re remodeling, everyone knows that some things are best left to the professionals.

Snowman Plumbing ensures that no matter how small or how large the job, how simple or complex, that everything will be done right the first time – down to the last bolt. And that’s every time when you choose Snowman, the best in Melbourne plumbing. they will be happy to walk you through every option available – no stone goes unturned when creating the right path towards the remodel of your dreams.

Even if you’re not looking for a full remodel, Snowman Plumbing can help turn your home green with the latest in energy and resource efficient fixtures. Not only are experts at installing and integrating these new technologies into your existing systems, they will be there to guide you through the entire process. That’s right, not only is Snowman Plumbing the best there is in Melbourne when it comes to installations and maintenance, they’re also an authority on all of the existing tax breaks and rebates that come with the adoption of green appliances.

So go with Snowman, and think of it as paying yourself twice – once with professionals, headache-free affordable service, and again when you look at how much you’re saving on your utility bill every month. With Snowman Plumbing, you can’t lose!

With this service, there is no job too big or too small. From residential to commercial and everything in between, they strive to provide the very best in service before, during and after our time working for you. They clearly know that the best advertising is what you’ll tell to friends and neighbors, and leading them to choose the best in Melbourne plumbing the next time they’ve got a project. It’s why Snowman’s pros strive, day in and day out, to provide the very best service to customers. There are very many reasons why you deserve a good plumbing company for your plumbing needs, and you can trust Snowman Plumbing to take care of all those needs.

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How to Choose a Moving Company


To find the right transportation company today with a good reputation to save you money, energy, time, and alleviate some of your stress, ask the providers for recommendations of their recent clients. If you have friends who has moved to New York, ask if she/he knows of any moving companies in the area. Begin to make a list of moving companies. Contact the moving companies on the list and ask about their services as well as relocation. Research online, look for sites like Bensonhurst Movers. Read testimonials and satisfied customer reviews. Ask for a free moving estimate or quote, as each company has to provide you with a free moving quote.

The most hectic time of year for moving and storage is in the summer. Hiring a professional moving company can save you a lot of time, energy, and stress. Utilize your time in a more efficient manner. New York is one of the largest cities in the country and moving to NY can be a stressful experience. Take a little time when selecting a respectable moving company.

pro-moversMoving can be much easier when you hire professional movers. Compare different rates and find a moving company that you can trust. There are many moving companies out there, but it is key to come across one with a good reputation based on previous moves. BensonHurst moving companies are now offering cost effective prices while still committing to providing you with quality service.

The right local moving company can make all the difference. Gathering some valuable information about your moving company will save you an enormous amount of time and remove the burden from your own shoulders. It’s reassuring to be able to trust your moving company and know that your belongings or companies equipment will be safely delivered to a new location. Moving a home or office can be stressful, but having the right moving company will lighten the load for you.

Many movers are conscious of the drastic difference of our economy. Logistics companies have better rates now, because of this recession. Times are hard and the best option to relocate is with professionals, not men of the streets. The motive to employ experts is to prevent yourself from damaging your own belongings and injuring yourself. Professional movers have the experience to move large/unusual items without damage. They know how to pack items into boxes and properly load them into a rental truck. It’s vital to research several different companies, and ask for a free moving quote, in order for you to realize the difference between a professional moving company and an illegitimate company.

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What to Consider Before Choosing a PPI Claim Company?


You think you have been a victim of miss old payment protection insurance? Then, to impede any further financial loss, it’s imperative that you take a legal step and file for compensation claim. Once you decide that you have to take the legal way, it’s important that you seek the assistance of any of the legal experts; an attorney or a renowned agency.

PPI-photoFiling claims is one of the trickiest processes; hence it is imperative that you seek the services of an expert solicitor and the easiest way to find one is by seeking the services of a Ppi claim company. All the agencies help you make an informed choice, but before you opt for a particular company, it is also important that you know what to look for in a good company.

The first and most important facet that you should look up to is that they are licensed and registered, only then are they permitted and entitled to pursue the process for you. They should also have a known background for handling missold payment protection insurance claims. Only if they have the expertise and the skill to handle such cases, they would be able to understand your needs and guide you as to how much compensation you can claim for. They will also have a team of expert attorneys and lawyers. And, according to your needs they will assign a dedicated notary to you who will handle your case with utmost sincerity and proficiency.

ppi-claim-moneyOnce the agency has filed the claim on your behalf, make sure that you are informed at each and every step of the legal process. If the agency fails to update you on the developments of your case, then you are in wrong hands, and you might have to look for an alternative. Also, ensure that you get a client care letter from the agency you opt. A client service letter will endow you with a clear-cut picture as to what all services you will be entitled to.

Along with all this, it is also imperative that you are clearly aware of the outlay and expenditure involved. You might sign a contingent fee agreement with the agency, yet there might be some other charges that you might have to pay at later stage. Make sure, you clearly speak to your company in this regard. The fact is that there are numerous ways to find out about an efficient Ppi claim company, all you have to do is be attentive, understand the basic rules and then seek their assistance to get back what you rightfully deserve.

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Best Ways to Get Rid of Martens


Martens are mischievous little critters that, despite their cute and cuddly appearance, make pests of themselves by holing up in attics and car engines. Worse, they more often than not chew through gas tubes, ignition cables, and other important bits and pieces in a car which could lead to vehicular accidents in the future. It then becomes important to consider the best ways to get rid of martens as soon as you see signs of an infestation.

Unfortunately, simply killing the offending creature and disposing of the body is not an option as a hunting license is required to kill martens. With that in mind, here are some of the best marten disposal techniques:



A common household trick is to scatter mothballs or other things that leave behind a strong scent. The though behind suck method is that the scent should deter martens from returning. This method however, has been deemed largely ineffective as well as inconsistent. Nonetheless, it’s a fairly cheap solution so it’s worth a try to see if it works for you.

Marten Traps

marderfalle-kaufen-300x300Another effective solution would be to use marten traps. These traps are meant to be baited and placed near the infestation site. Simple to set up and extremely humane, these traps require minimal maintenance; they only need to be infrequently emptied and re-baited. By using simple trap designs, anyone could build a marten trap by themselves. Otherwise, go with professional quality marten trap.

Moving the Car


Another incredibly simple trick to rid your car of martens is to move your vehicle at a minimum distance of 2 streets away from the last known marten infestation spot. This may not be an option if you cannot find a place to move your car or if doing so would be too inconvenient for you. Not to mention that martens often inhabit multiple areas in the same neighborhood so you might accidentally move away from a marten nest into another.

Electric Fence

eletrical-fense-martenAn effective solution would be to simply fence off the area with a low power electric fence. It is important that the electricity in the fence is strong enough to shock and deter the martens but not strong enough to seriously hurt them. Aside from needing a lengthy and possibly expensive set up, the fence also requires constant power. This means that the fence, if powered by car battery, may drain your batteries excessively. It is also high maintenance, requiring proper protection from hazards like water.

With these tools, you can say goodbye to marten infestations legally and without killing. With that, wish you good luck and happy trapping!

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Choosing The Right Roof Rack


There has been a tremendous increase in the number of suppliers of bike carriers, roof boxes, and roof racks across Australia, something that requires clients to be well informed when shopping for the same. While from their external appearance, it can be a bit challenging to select the right product that will suit your vehicle. But when you take your time to compare the various brands in the market you can hardly make a wrong choice, especialy if you pick a good vendor as Roof Rack Centre. Double thumbs up to their service, flawless.

Here is a comprehensive guide to choosing the right roof rack for your vehicle:

First you should understand that roof racks come in different designs, sizes and shapes. But in order to select the one that will match your vehicle you should first consider your needs. Do you want a rack to use in carrying recreational stuffs such as bikes or roof boxes or strong roof rack for commercial activities such as carrying ladders, timber and conduits? Here are some factors to consider:

Choose the right brand

Whether it is a roof box, a bike rack, a roof rack or even a winter sport carrier, buying from a supplier with the best brands can be very beneficial and also help you save money and time. Thule brands have been in the industry for a relatively long period of time and their racks have been designed for quality and convenience.

Design and shape

If you are looking for a roof rack to be using when you are going for recreational activities, go for a simple rack with an elegant finish to compliment your recreational belongings. A rack for commercial purposes, however, should be strong and tough to carry relatively heavy goods. At Thule brand, you will get a good opportunity to select any rack for your vehicle at very affordable price.

Types of roof racks

There are many roof racks in the market including the rain gutter, bare roof, raised rail and flush rail rack. When you visit any supplier read the description of the rack so as to make a more informed decision. The good thing about Thule brands is that each come with a full description to guide the buyer to the right choice for his/her car.

A roof rack is very important because it increases the storage capacity of a vehicle. It can give you the convenience and safety when travelling. Other factors that you can consider are storage, weight and length of the items to be transported. That’s the far I can go as newbie biker, you can find out more on own Thule’s website.

Are you biking too? Great, share your experience on comments. :-)

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Is this common mistake making you develop an unwanted product?

unwanted-productA lot of entrepreneurs that have a product idea go about developing the early stages of the business like the big corporations do. Write up a business plan, financial projections, turnover in the first year, net profit calculations.

Then they start culling a list of features that the product will have. This is a common mistake made by lots of well meaning entrepreneurs I talk to. You do not have a business until you have a customer, you can never nail down every aspect of a product before it goes to the market. There has to be a smarter way to develop a product without all the garbage holding you back from actually doing what matters.

So how do you develop a product the smart way?

Enter: Lean product development. There is a software development methodology called Agile. It has been revolutionary in the sense that it has changed the way software is developed in the last 5-6 years. These methods are now being expanded to generic product development by the new book from 37 signals, Rework. This book has been tagged as a “must read” for entrepreneurs.

A tale of two methods

Let me give you a short history about Agile and it’s predecessor, the Waterfall Model. In the Waterfall model  of software development, a bunch of software architects and business analysts gather in a room and put together a bunch of specifications of the application. These specs are then given to the developers to code up in the design phase. After a couple of months, the coded application is now thrown over the wall to the software testers to make sure the application does what it says on the tin. The product is now released. On the surface this method looks well choreographed, but let me point out the flaws in this model.

This model doesn’t take into consideration the feedback from the participants later on in the chain. Everybody at each stage tries as much as possible to get everything nailed down before passing it on the the next guy. The architects try to get the full application design finished before handing it over to the developers. The coders develop the whole product before testing comes into play. The problem with this method is that it becomes more expensive to fix a mistake or add a new feature later on because the product has evolved so much that it has becomes this big ship that has become so hard to steer. God help you if the customers now says, Wouldn’t it be cool if we added his new feature?


Agile, solves this problem by introducing an iterative approach. The product is developed in iterations and every iteration will produce a working product. Even if it is just to show a “Hello World” on the screen. This time the customers get to drive the development of the product. What I have often seen is that customers don’t really know what they want until they have something working put in front of them. They become like kids and start saying stuff likeWow, can it do this? Can we have it do that? . Now these are the features that you will add to the next iteration of your product, because at the end of the day, the customers are the ones bringing out their wallets to pay for your product.

The first iteration of the iPhone

The iPhone is a very good example of a product that was developed in iterations. The first version of the iPhone did not have a 3G connection, you couldn’t do a copy and paste!. Now it is the best damn smartphone out there, and you see companies like Samsung releasing wannabe touch screen phones.

So now what you need to do is throw away all the features you have added to your product that has made it look so bloated. Drop the presentations and PDFs you are making to develop a business plan, financial projections etc. You don’t have a business if you don’t have one customer, and you also do not know what the customer wants until she actually starts using it. So apply all your efforts into getting that customer and ask that customer what she wants. Start culling a minimum set of features that you will release with the first iteration of your product, a feature list that she is ready to pay for. This is a smart way to develop a product, this is also the method I am using to develop a product I will be releasing soon.

What other smart ways can we use to develop products the smart way, drop a comment and let me know.

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How to stop your creativity from crippling your business

creativity-crippling-businessThe creative mind of the serial entrepreneur can be his worst asset. Your mind is always identifying business opportunities, gaps in the market, potentially profitable ideas. This is good but can turn into your achilles heel when the sheer number of good ideas start to overwhelm you. You need to be brutal with your ideas and only pursue the ones you will have the time to execute on.

In this post, I will expand on a list of actions you can take or questions you need to answer before you decide to either pursue an idea or throw it in the bin.

This list is attributed to Chris Brogan, author of Trust Agents. He answered this question in the Third Tribe forums and I found the idea very relevant to serial entrepreneurs so I decided to expand upon that.

Who is the BUYER for this idea?

This is the first question to ask yourself before you embark on any project. If nobody is ready to buy your product or service, there is simply no reason to start exploring the idea (unless of course, you are working for a non-profit organisation).

Do I have ACCESS to the buyer?

For the serial entrepreneur that wants to start an online business, you need to be able to get access to your buyer. Where do they hang out? What forums do they participate in? Are they active on twitter or on facebook? Are they actively searching for your solution?. In the social media age, generating a relationship with your buyer is very important. Participate or hang out where your buyers hang out, answer their questions so when they are looking for a solution to their problem, they will come looking for you. You need to establish these hang-out spots in advance and find out how easy it is to access (Tip: Paid spots generally have more quality buyers than free spots)

Can I create the product/service for this idea?

Is it possible to create solution for the idea you have? Decide on what format it will take, will it be a software product, an information product (eBook, video course)? Think of features you will include in your first version, the minimum viable product.

Do I need help to do it, or can I go it alone?

After deciding on what form your product will take you need to decide if you will go it alone or you will need to get help. This can be in form of a partnership or outsourcing model. You
are always passionate about your ideas and sometimes you tend to take on too much responsibilities because it is your baby and love to see it grow. The problem is sometimes, taking on too many of these responsibilities will cripple you in the long term.

How many hours of my day will this idea take up?

Find out how much of your time it will take up. Do you have enough bandwidth to support this idea now? If you don’t it, is better to drop it now. The sure way of having your idea end up in the cemetery of half-finished ideas is to take on too many projects that you don’t have time for.

How soon before I can know if the idea is profitable or not?

Some ideas can be profitable right out of the gate, but some can take years to see returns. Between these two extremes, where does your product/service fall in ? Find out if you are ready to put in the hours necessary until you can start seeing some profits coming from the execution of the idea.

Is the idea expensive to try out?

How much money do you have to sink into the testing of the idea, hiring someone to develop an initial iteration, setting up the website design etc.

For online products, like an eBook or information product, all you need to put in is sweat equity as Gary V puts it. So you might say it will not cost me any money. Your time costs money, and it is worth a lot more than you think. Also factor in the time out takes to develop the idea into the expenses.

What’s a good way to pilot the idea?

Are you going to bring in joint venture partners? Will you partner with market leaders in your field? Who will be your early adopters and how easy will you make it for them to spread your idea virus.

How much do I stand to make from this idea?

Think of a price point you will want to sell your product/service for. Determine the number of customers you will need to sell to make it worthwhile. Then ask yourself, are these numbers feasible?

Is the execution of this idea something I want to do with my time?

This is one of the most important questions you will have to ask yourself. It takes time and effort to execute on an idea and you will most likely face challenges and failures along the way. If you are not passionate about what you are doing, you will not be able to see it through the trying times. Your idea will never see the light of day, period.

So those are the questions that need to be on your checklist. When a new idea comes up, run quickly through the check list and use the answers to subjectively decide if you will execute on the idea. Beware of bright and shiny objects that are there simply to distract you and focus on the intrinsically profitable ideas that will make you money and add value to your client.

What other questions do you ask yourself before you decide to execute on an idea? Please let me know in the comments.

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2 Obstacles that Ensure Failure and How To Crush Them

Business ClassThere are two main obstacles that stop us from succeeding as entrepreneurs. The ironic fact is that these obstacles are actually generated by two talents/strenghts that entrepreneurs tend to posess. If only we saw things differently, we would understand why these obstacles come up and know how to crush them once and for all so we can go on to achieve the success we so deserve from our efforts. This post is to help you do exactly that i.e. see things differently.

Analysis Paralysis

The first obstacle that normally comes up is what is called being over-analytic. Some call this analysis paralysis. When we get ideas of new ventures, we tend to over-analyse the issue. We try to gather as much information as possible and always want to cover all the bases before we set out to take action. In the book Strengths Finder, Tom Rath floats the idea that if you knew your core talents and work on them, you are more likely to succeed than when you try to be better at your weaknesses.
Entrepreneurs tend to be Futuristic which is one of the many talents in the book. Being futuristic means you always have big ideas that inspire you. This is great when you need to generate new ventures to implement but it becomes a burden when you actually want to start the implementation.

Spreading yourself too thin

Entrepreneurs also tend to be Activators. Activators know that the dreams of tomorrow are made true by the actions you take today. Taking action is good but this can generate obstacles for you when you always want to take action on all the ideas you have. If you spread yourself too thin by having too many projects going all at once, you will
end up doing none of them well.

So you know how being Futuristic and an Activator can both help you but also create obsctacles to your success. Here are two ways to crush those obstacles.

Pre-qualify any Idea ASAP

When you have an idea, it is always easy to get lost in the details and try to map out every tiny bit of it. Don’t get into that unending cycle, you need to find answers to the following questions and then make a decision if you are going to go ahead with the implentation of that business idea.

  • Who is the BUYER for this idea?
  • Do I have ACCESS to the buyer?
  • Can I create the product/service for this idea?
  • Do I need help to do it, or can I go it alone?
  • How many hours of my day will this idea take up?
  • How soon before I can know if the idea is profitable or not?
  • Is the idea expensive to try out?
  • What’s a good way to pilot the idea?
  • How much do I stand to make from this idea?
  • Is the execution of this idea something I want to do with my time?

If you can find the answers to these questions, it should be easy to make a decision whether the idea will be a time suck without any gains or a project you would derive joy and profits from. to find more information that expands on all these questions, please read this post. How to stop your creativity from crippling your business.

Release your minimum viable product (MVP)

When you have decided on what you would like to take action on. Make sure you don’t over-analyse and try to include every feature you can think of. Map out the basic features that can be released as the first version of your product, make sure it is just enough to give value to the customer and then ship it. The feedback you will get from the market will help you improve later on . Don’t depend on your own needs to create a great product. You are probably going to get it wrong anyways. A minimum viable product is intended to give enough value to the customer, enough for them to desire more and request for it. This will stop you from releasing a massively bloated product with features that nobody will use. To discover more on how to take action on an MVP product, click here to read more.
Is this common mistake making you develop an unwanted product?

I hope this has helped you understand how to overcome these two obstacles that stand in our way of success.

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